Which stamp do you like?

Free communication apps for smartphones LINE  of NHN Japan is popular all over the world. They have already got 35 million users.

This has the function the "stamp" which can attach cute and funny illustrations with a message.

This is very popular with users. Therefore they opened a "stamp shop" last month.

Users can buy a charged stamp at a stamp shop. They are included in the stamps of a Japanese famous character.

NHN Japan announced the ranking of the purchase and the use of the stamp.

Purchase stamp of world ranking TOP5
1. Moon Special
2.Hage Ojisan(bald guy)
3.Nameko(The character of Japanese popular game apps "Nameko Saibai Kit")
4.Otome na Kanojyo
5.Mocchi to Oshaberi(Chattering with Mocchi)

Use stamp ranking of world TOP10
via http://lineblog.naver.jp/archives/6455829.html

Users buy and use the stamp of the original character of LINE than the stamp of the famous character.

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