Japanese Government regulates the virtual goods system of Japanese social game

Surprising news ran through Japan yesterday.

Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency regulates "Complete Gacha".

What is "Complete Gacha"? This is one of the mechanism of the virtual goods sale in Japan. Many virtual worlds and social games have a virtual goods vending machine in imitate of a capsule toy vending machine called "Gacha". Items come out of there at random. It may resemble a lottery. Users play Gacha for several hundred yen once. Users must play Gacha many times to get the item which want. "Complete Gacha" is Gacha which must prepare all the items of an appointed kind in Gacha. When users collect all items, they get a rare item in a reward. Consumer Affairs Agency judged this to be illegal. According to them, this corresponds to "prize" prohibited by a Japanese premium notation. However, Complete Gacha is not a born thing recently. There was it for various virtual worlds and online games for several years. Why do they regulate it at this time? I think that because a Japanese social game became too popular.

Japanese social game is profitable very much now. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who want to make them a evil. Core gamers, people who do not know a lot about IT, Information illiterate...etc... In a disgraceful thing, most of politicians and government officials of the Japanese Government are Information illiterate.

Japanese Government and most of government officials are VERY STUPID. They do not support new business. On the contrary, they create a drag on it. The biggest obstacle of the contents business of Japan is Government. The Japanese creator, the developer and the businessman survived while fighting against their interference.

I am apprehensive in whether they tighten up regulation rapidly taking advantage of this.

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