What is “Complete Gacha” (Kompu Gacha)?

I wrote a lot of news of the “Complete Gacha” (Kompu Gacha) regulation in Japan this month. Then emails of some questions came from the foreign countries. "What is “Complete Gacha” (Kompu Gacha)?"

Probably this is the virtual goods sale system which there is only in Japan.

Example: Doraemon Gacha in Ameba Pigg
Gacha in social games virtual worlds imitate the real vending machine of capsule toys(real vending machine is called Gacha, too). Various items come out of Gacha at random.

Six kinds of items come out of this Doraemon Gacha. However, users can't know what kind of item can buy every time. Because it is random. Gacha one time is 200 Ameba Gold. Ameba Gold is virtual currency of Ameba Pigg(1 Ameba Gold = 1 yen).

And users can get a limited item as a reward, if six kinds of all items are got.
In Doraemon Gacha, users can get Doraemon parka. I yet get only three kinds :) If we can get Doraemon Gacha most cheaply, it is 1200 Ameba Gold(1200 yen). However, it is almost impossible. Users must play Gacha many times to get a limited item.

This is “Complete Gacha” (Kompu Gacha)". Ameba Pigg is a normal virtual world. So, the game system is not incorporated in a virtual goods. However, the social games are different. The system which can play a game advantageously is built into the virtual goods of a social game. Especially in a social game with a battle, this is an important element. Users play Gacha many times to get a limited item and use a lot of real money.

Why does the Japanese use much real money to a virtual goods? Probably it is because there is Gacha.

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