Shocking news: mixi may be sold to other companies

Shocking news ran through Japan just some time ago. According to Nikkei Business online, mixi CEO kasahara examines the sale of the stock of the company. And he begin the negotiations to sell mixi to the other companies. The bid to decide sale is going to be carried out in a few days, and GREE and DeNA participate in it.

It is still unknown whether this is a fact. mixi announced the press release which denied this news immediately.

mixi is still Social Networking Service of the biggest in Japan. However, both the number of the active users and the sales decline. Besides, they failed to keep up with the wave of the social game. Most of my friends say "mixi is a haunt of stupid and Information illiterate".

If DeNA or GREE purchases mixi, big crustal movement occurs in the social media industry of Japan.

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