Tokyo Sky Tree in Virtual World

Japanese new landmark "Tokyo Sky Tree" opened this week. Now, we cannot enter there without the reservation because too popular.
If you want to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree by all means, let's log in to Ameba Pigg!

Japanese popular virtual world Ameba Pigg opens Tokyo Sky Tree area. this is the official area that cooperated with the real Tokyo Sky Tree.

Various official virtual goods of the Tokyo Sky Tree are sold here. These are totally like the souvenir.

This is the largest area in history of  Ameba Pigg. Of course the tower is reproduced precisely.

Let's take a photo at the front of the signboard!

And let's go to the observatory! When we click this arrow, we can teleport there.

because the uniform of the Tokyo Sky Tree's staffs are very cheesy, it became the topic on a social network. We can check them :)

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