Anonymous was personified as a bumbling girl by a Japanese

Probably, this is only Japan...

Anonymous attacks Japanese Government and JASRAC now. However, they worked as a blunderer first. They attacked not "Kasumigaseki" but "Kasumigaura" first. These are another town(Kasumigaseki is the town where there are a lot of government offices). Furthermore, they tried to attack not the Democratic Party but the Liberal Democratic Party. In current Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party is an opposition party, and the Democratic Party is the ruling party. Both are stupid groups in fact :D In addition, Anonymous announced that the attack to the Liberal Democratic Party was not a mistake later. Because Democratic Party agreed downloading was illegal.

Japanese Internet users made this a topic. And it became the opinion finally "Anonymous is lovely at a blunderer. This is the whole story of the Anonymous personification. By the way, is there the Japanese in a member of Anonymous?

Anonymous starts Tweet in the Japanese now.


Some their Japanese are funny. However, the Japanese Internet user receives it favorably.

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