LINE begins evolution from the communication application

NHN Japan's communication application for smartphone "LINE" grows rapidly. More than 40 million people uses LINE from 230 countries now. NHN Japan released a Windows phone version on June 12, and it became the first place of free app ranking in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in three days.

One of the popular reasons of LINE is a "stamp function".
LINE users can attach a cute illustration to a message and a chat. NHN Japan made physical goods for the cause by this illustration.

These are sold as capsule Toy from the end of August.

Furthermore, according to TechCrunch Japan, NHN Japan makes LINE a game platform. NHN Japan's CEO Morikawa says  " we wants to cooperate with the third party developer". TechCrunch Japan reports that the details are shown on July 3.

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Why links doesn't allows using on multiple devices ? same like facebook