This is Japanese taste "Bejeweled"

PopCap tied up with GREE and released Japanese version Bejeweled. Now, we can play it with a smartphone.


GREE added the theme of the pirate to Bejeweled and named it "Bejeweled Densetsu(Bejeweled Legend)". Users handle various quests as a pirate while playing puzzles.

There are innumerable such games in Japan. Repetition of a quest, quest, quest, and battle with enemy. The operation of such a game is only clicked(tapped) until now. However, it is replaced by a puzzle in Bejeweled Densetsu. GREE fused by Bejeweled and the social game of the conventional Japanese style.

Furthermore, they added the device that virtual goods were provided. However, it is not Gacha. It is a slot machine. A ticket is necessary to play a slot machine. We may get the ticket by a friend invitation. However, we purchase it for real money when we are necessary.

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