Welcome party

Yesterday, Welcome party of Avatar Reality President Mr.Kazuyuki Hashimoto was held in Shibuya Pink Cow.

Avatar Reality administers beautiful graphic virtual world "Blue Mars". The Japanese users are increasing, but there is not yet most.

About the 3D virtual world, Japan is an backwards Country. Most Japanese don't think the 3D virtual world to be important. And they still convinced that "the second life is shit". To make matters worse, the media doesn't report the correct information.(Even IT media!)

Of course Hashimoto-san is a Japanese with the former technology development charge operating officer of the square, but there are still few Japanese users of Blue Mars.

I wish Japanese Blue Mars users increase. 

By the way, there was the participant who brought iPad.
He had decorations artist do the decorations of apple mark in Swarovski Crystal. I think that it's the world first  that Swarovski Crystal was glue to iPad. The scene was streaming by Ustream.

Is there the hobby to decorate a gadget abroad?  The work of decorations artist "Kiss you" is very cool.
Please check this site.
Kiss you

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