pixiv FESTA

"Pixiv Festa" was held in Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo Harajuku from February 27th to March 1st.
"Pixiv Festa" is real exhibition that illustration SNS "Pixiv" held.

Design Festa Gallery EAST



Pixiv is SNS that contributes and shares the illustration most popular in Japan.


The user watch the illustration which other users drew and writes comment and can evaluate it in a star.

I register myself with pixiv, and time forgets to pass when I watch the illustration of other users.

Pixiv Festa was prosperous very much so that it was stood in line.There was the person who came from the district outside Tokyo.


Pixiv Festa was exhibition, and off-line meeting too.

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Design Festa Gallery:
Design Festa Gallery is a unipue international art gallery. Anyone can exhibit as long as the work is original. No limit to age, nationality or genre.

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