Today, I introduce "ntomo".

ntomo is South Korean 3D VirtualWorld "PUPPYRED" that does localized for Japan.
This service is popular among the girls of the kindergarten~primary school in Korea. On the other hand, it is popular with housewives in Japan. Because the reason, the Japanese girl uses the mobile telephone than PC. And, the Japanese housewife spends most of day in a house.




ntomo user can have land called "minipark", and can custom put a virtualitem.


In addition, the user can do a custom of one's avatar.

ntomo have not UGC by the user such as SecondLife, but there is the casual that even the person who is not used to the VirtualWorld can easily operate.

In Japan, the VirtualWorld yet never spreads in comparison with Europe and America. I think, "casual VirtualWorld" such as ntomo should become the entrance.

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