The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Archive on Google Earth "Hiroshima Archive"

August 6 is a day when the atomic bomb was dropped to Hiroshima by the U.S. Army. Hidenori Watanave Laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University launched pluralistic digital archive “The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Archive”.

http://hiroshima.mapping.jp/ (English and Japanese)

“The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Archive” is a pluralistic digital archive using Google Earth to display on it the materials gained from such sources as the Hiroshima peace memorial museum, the Hiroshima Jogakuin gaines association and the Hachioji atomic bomb survivors association. You can watch survivor's note, interview  video and photos here.

They launched "Nagasaki Archive"(English and Japanese) as well as this last year. Please check this, too.

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