Gungho transplants Puzzle & Dragons to Nintendo 3DS

Smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons of Japan's Gungho went into Canada, and the number of the users broke through 13 million. Furthermore, they make Puzzle & Dragons a game for Nintendo 3DS. These are the screenshot and PV.

The title of Puzzle & Dragons for Nintendo 3DS is "PAZUDORA Z", and it is released in the winter of this year. Interestingly, PAZUDORA Z is the original game that different from Puzzle & Dragons. Gungho produces a system, a story, artwork of PAZUDORA Z newly. Furthermore, it hasn't in-game-purchases. They show the latest information of PAZUDORA Z monopolistically now in comic magazine for kids "Corocoro Comic". Probably a target of PAZUDORA Z is the kids who do not have a smartphone8Kindergartener - primary schoolchild).

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