Subsidiary of Sony starts business that make figures by 3D printer

Sony music communications, one of Sony groups starts new business "3D Print Figure". They make real figure skating 3D scanner and 3D printer.

This was released at ANIME CONTENTS EXPO 2013 held in Chiba Makuhari messe in March, and became the topic. However, costs may be slightly expensive. S size(h/15cm) is 49,000yen(about 490USD), M size(h/20cm) is 69,000yen(about 690USD), and L size(h/30cm) is 120,000yen(1200USD). We can order life-sized size, but how much the cost? :D

There are already similar business in Japan and abroad. However, it is important that Sony group began this. Though it was not music business, why did they begin this? I think that they make collaboration with artists sometime soon. Because a sample already includes the figure of the member of girls band AKB48.

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