In Japan, even a Buddhism temple releases a mobile social game

Probably this is only in Japan.
Japanese Buddhism temple Ryohoji in Hachioji, Tokyo, releases a social game for smartphones. The title is "Welcome to Ryohoji!"(iOS/Android).

You may not believe it. However, this is really official contents of the Buddhism temple, and GMO Game is in charge of the publishing.

"Welcome to Ryohoji!" is a general J-style card battle social game. Players have an adventure in all over Japan with character of Ryohoji "Torobenten", fight against Yōkai, make Yōkai a friend and grind Japan peacefully. However, the design of Yōkai are cute all(those most are beautiful girls).

Originally Ryohoji is known as Moe-temple(萌え寺). It is the venerable temple which opened in 1489. However, the chief priest installed the signboard of the beautiful girl illustration in the entrance of the temple suddenly in May, 2009.

The chief priest asked his friend for a signboard design for the making of atmosphere that is friendly of the temple. The chief priest was surprised to watch the design first. however, his families and believers agreed to the design "Cute!". And worshipers increased remarkably since they installed a signboard. Since then the temple performs every media mix development.

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