[Photo Report] Nameko shop preview in Basement of Tokyo Station

I wrote that a real shop of Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko opened in the basement of Tokyo Station.

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Nameko's goods shop opens in Tokyo Station

Beeworks, the developer of the Nameko series held a preview of Nameko shop for press today. There was "Nameko heaven" definitely.

 The cute picture was drawn on the shutter, and it pleased passersby. Elderly people of the tourist who spoke Chinese photographed it early. Nameko is very popular now in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and Beeworks examines advance to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Stuffed toys, figures, T-shirts, stationery, Books, candy, snack, Snacks, etc... This shop has every good of Nameko.

 This is T-shirts for adults. Well, Nameko fans are not only children. Rather adults are absorbed in it than children :)

What is this? This is Yaki-Nori(toasted seaweed: Japanese general food products)!

These cookies are just right for a souvenir. Japanese people share such boxes of cookies with family, relative and fellow workers.

This shop is very interesting as a research object of the real goods business in the Japanese mobile game industry. It opens officially at 10:00 of July 10. You can meet Nameko anytime if you go there.

Shop Info:
Place: Tokyo Station Ichibangai Character street
Open date: July 10, 2014
Time: AM10:00~PM8:30

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