Voltage appealed to American for their Romance Sim in ANIME EXOP 2014

Anime fair ANIME EXOP 2014 was held last week in Los Angeles and various Japanese companies exhibited. A characteristic point of this year is that there was many exhibition of mobile games. One of Japanese mobile romance sim developer Voltage showed photographs of the booth.

They installed the booth which assumed the Japanese summer festival a motif. It reproduces a Shinto shrine of Japan.

American models did the cos-play of characters of romance sim. They were very popular, and there were a lot of visitors who wanted to take a photo with them.

Stickers of characters were given visitors. They were prepared for 1,300 pieces beforehand, but became out of stock immediately.

Voltage is a one of Japanese romance sim developer who did a global market advance and support smartphone/tablet quickly. "My Forged Wedding" came first in the top sales ranking of the entertainment category of App Store of 48 countries including the U.S.

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