Virtual English Conversation Class

3Di, Inc.’s 3D Virtual World Technology Powers Language Learning Service Offered by NTT Learning Systems and ALC Press
"Virtual English Conversation Class" Service Opens, Enabling Avatar-Based Learning in 3D Virtual World

3Di, Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Satoshi Koike), which develops and offers 3D Internet solutions, announces the deployment of its 3Di OpenSim(*1) and 3Di OpenViewer(*2) 3D virtual world technologies as part of the “Virtual English Conversation Class," a new style of English conversation education that leverages the Internet and is being offered through ALC Press, Inc. (head office: Suginami-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Terumaro Hiramoto) and NTT Learning Systems Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tetsuo Koga). The deployed 3Di OpenSim and 3Di OpenViewer provide, respectively, server technology for 3D virtual world construction and client technology for web-browser-based viewing and manipulation of virtual worlds. 

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【Practical applications of 3D virtual worlds and avatars in the Virtual English Conversation Class】
  • Role playing using virtual scenes
  • Through the use of avatars - the on-screen personified characters that represent the participants - role playing lessons can take place in diverse scene settings and offer a sense of presence.
  • Comfort of joining virtual lectures without concern for physical appearance or make-up
  • Since virtual class attendance is done through avatars, the participants need not concern themselves about their physical appearance or figure. It is possible to participate in a relaxed manner from the comfort of one’s own home.
  • Ease of speaking in a no-stress group lesson
  • Use of an avatar reduces the sense of nervousness when speaking a foreign language, and fosters an environment that makes it easy to concentrate on language study.
【Virtual English Conversation Class】Web site http://v-english.jp

(*1) 3Di OpenSim…The name of the server software developed and offered by 3Di for the construction of original 3D virtual worlds. It is the world’s first server software specifically designed for enterprises and based on OpenSim, which is an open source 3D Internet technology. (*2) 3Di OpenViewer…The name of 3Di’s original viewer embedded into HTML web pages to view and interact with 3D virtual worlds in web browsers.

■Company Information
Company Name: 3Di, Inc.
President & CEO: Satoshi Koike
Major Shareholders: ngi group, inc. (60%), NTT Investment Partners Fund, L.P. (40%)
Paid in Capital: 444,497,500 JPY
Address: Fuji Building 37 4F, 1-18-3 Dougenzaka, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
Website : http://3di.biz/en/

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