Hologram robot "Gatebox" realizes the dream of Otaku

It is a dream of Otaku to live with favorite virtual characters. Japanese startup Vinclu developed hologram robot Gatebox which realize it.

Gatebox is the hologram communication robot which combined various sensors with a hologram projection technology. The virtual character is displayed by a hologram, it recognizes the actions of users by sensors, complies with their lifestyle, and communicates with them. In addition, this is also IoT gadget. When users let this link Internet and other household appliances, this becomes the many functions more. For example, this becomes the alarm clock, operates TV, and teach weather news.

Vinclu raised 90 million yen from Incubate Fund, Primal Capitalal and iSG Investment Works for recruiting activities. They push forward development of Gatebox with new staff and aim at the commodification of this.

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