Twitter account of the Finnish embassy is popular in Japan

Twitter account of Japan's Finnish embassy(@FinEmbToky)  is very popular in Japan because they are friendly.

Besides, they are familiar with Japanese anime and manga.

When we search "Juutilainen(ユーティライネン)" by Google image search in Japan...

In this way, Girls were found than officer. This is character of anime called "STRIKE WITCHES". STRIKE WITCHES is anime which personified weapon of WW II to girls. Eino Ilmari Juutilainen is like that in STRIKE WITCHES.

 【ストライクウィッチーズ】 ハイクオリティフィギュア 〜エイラ・イルマタル・ユーティライネン〜 プライズ フリュー
The Japanese Twitter user asked it for a Finnish embassy. Then they answered.

"We already know all"

In addition, manga called "Hetalia" which personified a nation is in Japan. Finland in Hetalia is this.

Finnish embassy knows this, too.

Of course they do not do only Tweets of manga and anime. They teach us various Finnish information. And their Tweets are friendly, intelligible and replies also to the question of a follower frequently. Incidentally, it is secret which of Japanese and Finns is their Twitter staff.

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