Yokote city, Akita started the examination use of the Facebook page

I came back to the parents’ home(birth place) Yokote city, Akita Prefecture last month.

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This city is the country which is located in the northeast in Japan(Tohoku) and desolate very much. However, the local government and the citizen use the social media. The Yokote city government office started the examination use of the Facebook page today.


A period is till the end of March. It is too short and too careful. However, in Japan, that a local government uses Facebook is rare(IT literacy of a Japanese government is very low). Of course I stick up for them challenge. And I wish they learn more about Facebook.

By the way, There is the pioneer of this trial in Japan. That is Takeo city, Saga Prefecture. They shifted to the Facebook page in city's website. The mayor of Takeo city is the chairperson of Japanese Twitter society.

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