Gamification of the agriculture: agriculture game for iOS "Sanchoku!"---which can buy genuine farm products

Japanese mobile game developer Zoysia released agriculture game for iOS "Sanchoku!" which linked real agriculture.

This is a simulation game to be able to do simulated experience of the agriculture at the virtual farms of 50 partner farmers. All the farms in the game link with a real farms. Players help with farming and bring up rice, vegetables, fruits and stock raising animals according to the advice of farmers. After all work was over, players can get "stars" from farmers. Stars are virtual currencies, and players can buy farm products which themself brought up using this.

Game system of this is almost not different from other agriculture simulation games. However, this can be called gamification of the agriculture in a point linking real farms and farmers.
After 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, interest in agriculture increases in Japan. The reason is radioactive contamination. Many Japanese want to manage the safe food by oneself. However, all people cannot engage in agriculture. Particularly, the city dweller cannot have even a private vegetable garden. Therefore they are curious about farm products in detail. This game plays a role to narrow the distance of country farmers and the city dweller.

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