A lot of cute goods! Gungho opens online shop of "Puzzle & Dragons"

"Puzzle & Dragons" of Gungho online entertainment is a smartphone game raising profit most in Japan. However, they are going to get profit from not only the apps but also goods. They opened an online shop "Pazudoraya(パズドラ屋)" last Friday.

They have already sold many cute goods.

iPhone case is 630yen(about 6.6USD).

Stuffed toy for cars is 1,029yen(about 10.7USD).

Mug cup is 1,000yen(about 10.4USD).

Earphone Jack accessories are 5,999yen(about 62.85USD) with 1dozen. Why are they necessary in large quantities? Because we change parts and are put together.

Unfortunately they cope with only shipment in Japan. If they release for overseas users, will these be popular?

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