Social game developer Poppin Games Japan raised 100 million yen

Japanese social game developer Poppin Games Japan raised 100 million yen. Poppin Games Japan was established at Tsukuba, Ibaraki in July, 2012(It is unusual for Japanese Tech startup to be established any place other than Tokyo). CEO Hisashi Tsujimura is the staff of former DeNA. The marketing section is in San Francisco, and the development section is in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. 30% of them are the foreign staff.

Their representative game apps are Peter Rabbit's Garden and Alice's Mad Tea Party. Both support a language except the Japanese(Such as English, Chinese, Korean). It worked, Peter Rabbit's Garden broke through 1 million downloading and Alice's Mad Tea Party broke through 500,000 downloading.

They establish a branch office in Kyoto by the fund which they raised this time. They yet develop only iOS apps, but go into Android apps from now on.

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