KONAMI brings a social game into the game arcade

"Dragon Collection" is one of the popular social games of KONAMI having 7.5M users. They bring it into the game arcade. They released an arcade game "Doragon Collection: Ambition of the green pepper group(ドラゴンコレクション シシトウ団の野望)".

This is a card battle game to be able to play at a game arcade. Because this is an arcade game machine, players can get the real card which own name was listed in. Players can use them for a next play, collect them and can play as a trading card game.

"Doragon Collection: Ambition of the green pepper group" is a card battle game like social game Doragon Collection. However, it has a lot of monsters which there are not in Doragon Collection.

QR cord cards are listed in cards. When players scan this by mobile, they can get these monsters in Doragon Collection. In other words these two games link through cards. KONAMI assumes the play by parent and child in this. Children play "Doragon Collection: Ambition of the green pepper group" at a game arcade, and parents play "Doragon Collection" in mobile. Such Japanese families may appear from now on.

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