Japanese tower defense game apps "Battle Cats" becomes the boom calmly

Japanese mobile game apps developer Ponos announced that their tower defense game apps for smartphones "Battle Cats(にゃんこ大戦争)"  broke through 4M downloading.

Battle Cats is the defense game that individual cats appear. Players operate various cats, invade in each area of Japan and aim at the control in Japan. The iOS version of this was released on November 15, 2012, and the Android version was released on December 27. Then this updates a milestone every month.

Charm of this is mysterious artwork. Cats are simple designs, but are slightly different from Japanese-style Kawaii with a wonder in some way. They express it by the word "Kimo-kawa". This is the coined word that combined Kawaii(Cute) with Kimochiwarui(Grotesquerie). Is it be "Grotes-cute" if I transcribe it in English? Anyway, these cats are very attractive!

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