Rovio Japan established an office in Tokyo, Shibuya

Rovio Japan opened an office in Tokyo, Shibuya. The representative is Antti Sonninen. Address is here.
8F 3-15-4, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Furthermore, they concluded licensing agreement with Sanrio fareast. They help with development in Japan of overseas characters. Above all, they are one company of the Sanrio group, the giant character business in Japan . This is an important business tie-up.

They do interesting goods sale "Minna no Kuji(みんなのくじ:Lottery for all people)" in all over Japan. This is marketing technique peculiar of Japan. The people pull a lottery at Lawson(convenience store) and the bookstore. One time of lottery is 500yen(about 5.2USD), they do not have a loser. The people can get one of goods of Angry Birds by all means.

This technique resembles Gacha closely. However, a vending machine is necessary for Gacha. However, it is not necessary for "Minna no Kuji" and can offer a large-sized prize. The size of stuffed toy of Bird and Pig are more than 30 centimeters.

Unfortunately, "Minna no Kuji" is hardly performed in Tohoku:( I want to pull a lottery very much. and to do it by all means if I go to Tokyo.

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