"Nameko" is popular all over the world

Japan's Beeworks announced the number of the downloading of their popular smartphone game series "Nameko Saibai Kit(Mushroom Garden a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit)". They release 3 Nameko game for smartphones now.

Mushroom Garden a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit
Mushroom Garden Seasons
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
(All these links are iOS, but there are these Android versions, too.)

The total downloading number of Nameko series exceeds 28 million now.

Surprisingly all these are free apps. Besides, even as for the ads in apps, most are the ads of their games. Probably the most of the profit of Nameko are goods selling. They do not announce the details of the amount. However, it should be a vast. It just resembles business of Angry Birds.

By the way, Nameko Saibai Kit Seasons(Mushroom Garden Seasons) updated today. This theme is "North American spring". This is very cute!

Nameko wears a ten-gallon hat! :)

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