Virtual world of messaging apps LINE "LINE Play" broke through 4M users

Mobile virtual world "LINE Play" of Japanese popular messaging apps LINE broke through 4 million users.  LINE Play pre-opened November 21, 2012 and grand opened on December 18. They got 1 million users during the period. Furthermore, they broke through 2 million users from grand opening in 1 month. The speed is terrible. Probably it is fastest in the virtual world of Japan.

LINE Play is the cute 2D virtual world. To be frank, there is not the new element. It resemble the virtual world of square views such as Ameba Pigg. However, its UI is optimized for smartphones. They released an English version on February 20 and probably it helped 4 million user breakthroughs.

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Hehee and I'm one of the new players ;3

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