Messaging apps war: CyberAgent released messaging apps for teen girls "DECOLINK"

The messaging apps war in Japan becomes more intense. CyberAgent released messaging apps for girls of the teenager "DECOLINK".

"DECOLINK" is free messaging apps for smartphones that can exchange messages to up to 100 people at the same time.

DECOLINK provides all 10,000 kinds of decoration stamps in free of charge. they are very cute and teen girls seem to like them. Characters of the social game of CyberAgent are included in them, too.

LINE proved that the stamps of the messaging apps attracted a users. Therefore a lot of other messaging apps(Kakao Talk, DeNA's comm etc...) makes efforts in a stamps. However, the popular stamps exceeding characters of LINE does not readily come out. On the other hand, DECOLINK focus on only young girls. Will the tactics succeed?

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