Review: Namekyu -mini figure toy of Nameko Saibai Kit-

I went to the local supermarket yesterday. It is snack corner here.

A lot of Namekos!  Japan has a product genre called "Shokugan(食玩)" which put a small toy and a snack or candy together. These are Shokugan of Nameko.

I bought 2 packs of "Namekyu". Various mini-figures of  Nameko are in this at random.

I got Golden Nameko(Ancient Egyptian style Nameko) and Galerina fasciculata(Poison mushroom). I wanted normal Nameko..., but these are high qualities and cute! Furthermore, these are usable as mobile accessories.

Kawaii! :D They  have a suction pad, so we can fix them anywhere. Namekyu  is 300 yen(about 3USD). I want to collect more these.

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