Doraemon Congratulations Cake

NHN Japan makes efforts in application of smartphones. They released such a cute application this month. This is "Doraemon Omedetou Cake". (Omedetou means Congratulations in Japanese)

"Doraemon Omedetou Cake" is the greetings application that can present virtual goods to a friend. It is not a particularly rare thing. However, in the splendid point of this application, all artworks are that Doraemon is a theme. We can present the cake which decorated with virtual goods of Doraemon.

Furthermore, this application has the game element. At first, we must get virtual goods by a shooting game.

We can glance through the virtual goods which we collected with an album.

And we decorate a cake with the virtual goods which we collected. We must play a shooting game many times to do gorgeous decoration. Of course I want to use a lot of Doraemon, but it is difficult to get them.

 Android Ver. is here

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