Go! Nameko Go! Nameko occupies convenience store Lawson

Now, popular smartphone game Nameko Saibai Kit(Mushroom Garden) series cooperates with Lawson of the convenience store. We can get file folder of the Nameko design by buying 2 Nameko items in Lawson.

Such Nameko corner is set in Lawson in Japan. We can choose favorite file folder from five kinds of designs.

These are the items which I bought.

 Nameko Soba. 330yen(about 3.3USD)

Salt Lemon-lime candy. 179yen(about 1.8USD)

Mentos. 100yen(about 1USD)

The file folder which I chose is this. Sweets Namekos are drawn, and I think that this is an elegant design.

The report article that Nameko oneself purchases Nameko items in Lawson is here.

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