Japanese police officer soothed soccer fans by a witty speech and became the topic on the Internet

Japanese soccer fans went wild on the night of June 4 after the national team snatched a ticket to the 2014 FIFA. then, Hachikō Square(Pedestrian scramble) in front of Shibuya Station overflowed with a crowd.

And front of Shibuya Station was filled in the "Police-Blue"(not Samurai-Blue).

A one police officer soothed soccer fans by his witty speech. Thereby, he earned praise and the nickname "DJ Policeman" from Internet users. He said to wild soccer fans in this way.

"Prevent you from receiving the yellow card from the police."
"Police officers of the look fierce are pleased in the heart. We don't want to get angry on a good day. Everyone, we are the 12th player. We are teammates."
"Let's be pleased together very much. And let's follow traffic rules"
"Japanese national team is known for fair play. Everyone, please follow rules."
"Please offer a way to each other by teamwork like a Japanese national team."
"Please walk carefully. If you get injured, the good day of Japan's World Cup qualification will be reduced."

When people leaned on the car which stopped, the police officer warned them with wit. "That's a yellow card. You must not receive it two pieces." His witty speech worked, and this day did not have the big trouble, injured people and arrestees at all.

He became the topic immediately in Twitter and his videos were scattered on Youtube.

His speech skill is praised on social media, and because his speech was like the DJ talk, he came to be called "DJ Policeman". This internet praise reached the mass media before long. Furthermore, the Japan's Metropolitan Police Department decided to confer Superintendent General Prize for him at last.

I think that this is one model case of the crowd control. The sympathy is effective in letting wild people calm down. In addition, a person said that it was a true example of "The North Wind and the Sun" of the Aesop's Fables.

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