Fusion of a social game and English learning---Eipontan

Drecom is one of the Japanese social game developers, but they make efforts in learning apps recently. Particulary, English learning apps "Eipontan" is popular.

Eipontan is the apps that combined learning with a social game.

At first, users take a level judgment test of English degree of achievement.

It is a quiz of English words. Users choose the right meaning of words.

My level is…"You can order a menu in an overseas fast food shop". Mmm, high level? or low level?

Well, it is the beginning of the game. We become the teacher of a strange school and choose one's student.

He is my student. When he study English, he grows up, and a level rises. However, his physical strength is worn out when he continues studying in succession(The heart marks express it).

We can get a virtual currency as a reward when we answer them correctly in questions.

Furthermore, we can get snacks for the student. The growth speed of the student becomes earlier by his eating snacks.

The figure of the student changes by growth. Kawaii!

However, delinquents sometimes torment a student. We must do punishment to him. Therefore we study English words again. They are slightly more difficult than normal questions.

Well, you may have already noticed. This is a form of a J-style social game. Study is equivalent to quests, and delinquents are equivalent to raid boss. Upbringing of the student is a form of the pet upbringing game. They develop the learning games using the social game development know-how that they cultivated until now. They release two learning games other than Eipontan, and the number of those downloading has already exceeded 1 million.

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