Square Enix established a development studio in Indonesia

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. established a development studio PT. SQUARE ENIX SMILEWORKS in Surabaya, Indonesia.

SQUARE ENIX SMILEWORKS is the first Southeastern Asian subsidiary of Square Enix. They have already performed administration and the artwork drawing of social games of the Square Enix group.

In addition, they developed the mini-game of 2D virtual world Nicotto Town which a Smile Labo, one of the subsidiaries of Square Enix ran. They develop the new network game from now on. As the part, they are going to release an Indonesian version of Nicotto Town.

Many people miss this, but this is big news. Nicotto Town is the well-established virtual world of Japan. The number of the users are one-tenth of Ameba Pigg, but They open earlier than Ameba Pigg and continue service solidly more than 4 years. Japanese Virtual world have not succeeded until now any place other than Japan. Because virtual goods business was not established(purchasing will of Japanese virtual goods and the virtual currency is crazy!). However, a market and users of rising nations evolve every day. Probably SQUARE ENIX expect for it.

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