Girls band Momoiro Clover Z dances on icecream cup by AR

Japan is rainy season now, and intense heat comes afterwards. Therefore Japanese ice cream maker Lotte Icecream performs an interesting AR tie-up with girls band Momoiro Clover Z.

At first, smartphone apps "Soukai! Mom-oclo no Futa no Ue Tour(爽快!ももクロフタの上ツアー)"(iOS/Android) is necessary.

This is representative cup ice cream "Sou" of Lotte Icecream. By this AR tie-up, the cover of this becomes the stage of the show.

We start apps and tap a "start(スタート)"(central icon).

And image recognition begins when we watch the cover of the cup with a camera.

Then 3DCG such as footlights, speakers, the logo appear...

Furthermore, members of Momoiro Clover Z appear, singing and dancing! It is very smooth, and the sound is clear, too. It is right a "show".

We shoot screenshot and can share it in Twitter and Facebook.

We can watch their video when we watch all the shows.

We can download this AR apps from the countries except Japan, and download image pdf of the cover of the cup ice cream from here.

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