Convenience & stylish collage apps for iOS---"cameran collage"

I wrote it before about iOS camera apps "cameran" of photographer and movie director Mika Ninagawa.

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Camera apps for iOS of photographer Mika Ninagawa "cameran" is fabulous!

It became popular, and it broke through 3,5M downloading. Recruit Holdings which developed this apps decided on the series presenting this. And the second apps "cameran collage" is available now.(Japanese site is here)

cameran collage is photo collage apps for women. We can make the collage work of taste of Japanese fashion magazines and the the fashion brands using this. Now, this tie-up with fashion magazine " sweet", "InRed" and fashion brand "MERCURYDUO", "B:MING LIFE STORE by BEAMS". We can use the decoration material more than 300 kinds that they supervised.

 The operation is simple, but this has many functions. We can do all work of the collage in this. Placement of photos, resize, cut, filter, frame...

 Texts inputting... Because there are a lot of fonts and labels, I hesitate to put it together.

 Furthermore, there are various stamps in each magazines and brands.

 When we input a date and choose wall paper, it is completion! If you hesitate about photos placement, you can choose it among a template.

We can share the works in Facebook, Twitter, LINE and mail.

I tried this and thought that this is a choice of the collage apps. Anyway, this is convenient! Furthermore, all the decorations materials have good taste.

Now, it's only iOS version, but of course Recruit Holdings releases Android version in a few days. And cameran releases apps in the series as a visual apps brand from now on.

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Seems nice, I shall go for it :)

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I recommend this!