GREE opens the time-limited shop of the social game character at Tokyo Station

Now, time-limited shop of GREE opens in the shopping district under the ground of Tokyo Station.

It is goods shop of social game Clinoppe of GREE. GREE makes efforts in character business and pushes forward cross-media development of Clinoppe in particular.

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Various cutie goods are sold in the goods shop. However, GREE considers adult women to be target users. Clinoppe is the long hit game that continues giving a service since before GREE became the social game platform. Users who were a student in those days become adults now. There were even jewelry in the goods.

In addition, there were the just right sweets to eat in an interval of the work! :)

Furthermore, the display corner of original pictures of TV Anime was established, too.

This shop opens until July 1. if you go to Tokyo Station, let's go here incidentally!

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Lara Lizard さんのコメント...

That character is super cute <3

籠谷千穂 さんのコメント...

Yes! This is a representative pet game of GREE.