iOS Camera apps of manga artist group CLAMP---CLAMP camera

All-female Japanese manga artist group CLAMP is popular among Otaku of the world now as well as Japan. Therefore iOS camera apps CLAMP camera which they supervised was released.

This is the camera apps that a filter and a frame with works of CLAMP as a motif are usable.

How to use is the almost same as other camera apps. At first, we trim an image in a square.

Next, we choose a filter and a frame. The circle of the screen lower right is a change of ON/OFF of Bokeh of the light, and the next square is a change of ON/OFF of the frame. We can change the angle of the image by the next arrow.

In addition, the filter is oblong and panorama form. Therefore we can slide in this. It is very interesting to put an image and the pattern of the filter together, and aesthetic sense is required.

These are my works.

You may notice that these are not like manga. It certainly is. As for this, their manga works become the basis, but it's stylish, gorgeous and slightly traditional Japanese artistic. I think that the people except Otaku will like this.

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