Japanese girls band Perfume showed their 3D data and tech geeks output them with 3D printer

Japanese girls band Perfume makes efforts in an overseas advance. As the part, they started an interesting trial. It is free distribution of 3D model data of themselves. The downloading of data is here.

This is the data that 3D scanned them(The texture is not included). We can make 3DCG works and movies using this. However, Japanese Tech geeks made figures with 3D printer at first.

We apply a motion and can change a pose.

The figures of celebrities and artists has been produced until now. However, this trial shows new possibility in it. This is a form of new artists goods. If my favorite artist get on my palm? It is an excited experience.

Originally they were popular among tech geeks for some reason since before having gone into the global market. They seem to continue it in the global market, too.


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