Popular manga Berserk becomes the smartphone game in GREE in this summer

Popular dark fantasy manga "Berserk" of Kentaro Miura becomes the social game for smartphones in GREE in this summer. It is released as iOS/Android apps. GREE starts pre-registration now, but unfortunately, it is only Japan.

Berserk is the popular manga more than 24 million of circulations in Japan and performed various crossmedia development such as TV anime, games, figures and movies. However, this is the first time that it becomes the social game.

It seem to based on a movie when we watch screenshots of under development. The genre is RPG. Users form a one's hired soldier corps and fight against hired soldier corpses of other users. Characters of Berserk appear as a helper by the battle. Most details have not been yet announced. However, this is one of the big titles surely for GREE.

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