Let's make Nameko figure with the technique of fake sweets! vo.1

I bought Nameko snack in a local supermarket.

Now, Nameko jumps out of a mobile game, and it becomes basic popular character. Some kind of Nameko products are sold even in the deserted country(like Akita Prefecture).

A sticker is attached to Nameko snack as freebie. Anything are cute design.

Of these, I liked Cookie Nameko in particular and flashed. "I can make the figure of Coockie Nameko with technique of fake sweets". Because he(she?) is a cookie and gets on cupcake.

The fake sweets are very popular in Japan. It is popular among women in particular, and a lot of know-how to handcraft it is shared.

ときめき!  スイーツデコのアクセサリー
Various How-to books are published.

Therefore I decided to make figure of Cookie Nameko with the technique of fake sweets.

 First, prepare a yellow silicon cup.

 Next, prepare white lightweight paper clay.

 Mix brown acrylic paints with paper clay and knead it until a color becomes uniform.

 Pile paper clay in the cup.

 Damage the surface of the paper clay with a worn-out toothbrush.

Completely dry it.

 Paper clay completely dries, take it off the cup once.

 Attach the bottom of the cup with silicon for caulking.

 Attach paper clay and a cup.

Next, add the strawberry source on this. It's glue stick for glue gun to become the strawberry source.

 Glue stick of various colors is sold recently.

 Pile it on paper clay.

 It is difficult to pile it like a source...

Warm the surface of glue by lighter. Then the surface melts and gets smooth.

Put crystals for the decorations in substitution for colorful chocolate spray. It became the gorgeous cupcake in this!

The fake cupcake was completed first of all. Next is a topping.
It leads to Vol.2...

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