The new Doraemon movie uses two virtual worlds for promotion vol.2

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The new Doraemon movie uses two virtual worlds for promotion

What would CyberAgent which lost the promotion technique of the conventional Doraemon movie by LINE do? It's a "quest" in the social game.

CyberAgent runs town construction sim "Pigg World" for PCs. They carried out a quest to build the tree house of Doraemon.

The design of the tree house is related to the contents of the movie. They sold the items which came to be able to digest a quest easily.

Of course the Gacha system was utilized in it. Which items are very cute and have the power that a quest becomes easy.

 Furthermore, we cooked a lunch and the snacks which appeared for the movie and were able to behave to residents.

The tree house grew up steadily. And we got reward items whenever it grew up.


 And various building decoration.

I think that this promotion technique is more effective than the sale of items. Because, what we experienced by ourself remains in the memory for a long time. The enforcement period of this quest was two weeks. During this period, fans of Doraemon and heavy user of Pigg World logged in every day(I'm one of those, too), and bought many items to clear a quest.

By the way, I watched a new movie of Doraemon and it was very fun! Unfortunately it is shown only in Japan...

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