The Japanese personifies everything, even samurai swords

I wrote about Japanese sea fight simulation game Kan-Colle(艦これ) for PC Web browsers until now.

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"Kan Colle" --- simulation game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy as girls

This is the game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy in cute girls, and became very popular.

Would DeNA be influenced by it? They announced such a new mobile game last week. They accept the pre-registration now.

The title is "Youtou Arashi to Fubuki -Sword of Twins-(妖刀 あらしとふぶき -Sword of Twins-)". Youtou(妖刀) means mysterious sword in Japanese. In this game, the brother of Arashi and Fubuki fights against Youkai(妖怪: Japanese monstrous being) while collecting various swords.

The swords which existed in Japan become fairies and appear. For example...

A holly sword that Takemikazuchi(建御雷神:Thunder-God) used in a Japanese mythology.

Real sword is this. (This is a copy reproduced in the Meiji era) This is enshrined in Isonokami Shrine(石上神宮) now.

A sword of Ieyasu Tokugawa (徳川 家康), the Tokugawa clan samurai warrior and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan.

Real sword is this. This is enshrined in Nikko-Tosho-gu(日光東照宮) now.

A sword of Minamoto no Yoshiie(源義家), the Minamoto clan samurai warrior of the late Heian period.

Real sword is this. This is enshrined in Tsuboi-Hachiman-gu(壷井八幡宮) now.

Shichiseiken(七星剣:Seven star sword)
Straight swords which were made based on Chinese Taoism. The feature is that Big Dipper is engraved. Originally they were swords for ceremonies of ancient China, but made some in Japan, and saved at temples and museums now.

One of them. This is a sword of ancient Japanese politician Prince Shotoku(聖徳太子).

A sword of Hideyoshi Toyotomi(豊臣秀吉), the feudal lord, politician and samurai warrior of Sengoku period(The Middle Ages in Japan).

Now, the Japanese emperor has it and it's not shown openly. However, we can buy its imitation in Amazon.co.jp.

Many sword-girls appear for a game as well as these and we can check them in teaser site. Unfortunately all of they are written in Japanese. I do not know whether this game is released in foreign countries except Japan. Will this attract overseas users like Kan-Colle?

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