Exclusive small printer for the photos

Photographic print is now being recognized once again. After all, will the people feel charm in real photos than digital data? Canon released compact photo printer SELPHY CP1200. Its width is only 18 centimeters and weight is 860 grams. This is the Wi-Fi incorporation printer which can print the photos which users took with digital cameras and smartphones by wireless, and supports Apple's AirPrint and Canon's application "Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY". The body has a Wi-Fi button and easily has wireless connection with digital cameras and smartphones. The print of the square photograph which became basic since Instagram was popular is possible, and users can make the square card size stickers also. Furthermore, users can regulate brightness and colors of image data in print, and this printer has the automatic revision function. The print system is Heat transfer, resolution is 300*300dpi, and colors are 256 gradations.

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