Yo-Kai Watch strikes Europe on April 29

Nintendo UK announced that they released Level-5's RPG for Nintendo 3DS "Yo-Kai Watch" in Europe on April 29.

Yo-Kai Watch is Media mix content of Level-5. It begins from the game series for Nintendo 3DS, Japan is filled with every thing including anime, manga, mobile application, goods, toys of Yo-Kai Watch. Level-5 and advertising agency Dentsu established joint company "LEVEL-5 abby Inc." in last October to develop this in the global market, and released a game, anime, mobile application and toys in North America just before a holiday season of the last year.

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Level-5 and Dentsu establish a joint company and sell Yo-Kai Watch in a global market

The release time of the contents except the game in Europe has not been yet announced.

via https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2016/February/Multi-million-selling-RPG-phenomenon-YO-KAI-WATCH-confirmed-to-launch-across-Europe-on-29th-April-1087155.html

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