Japanese high school established a company. Stockholders are all students

Overseas Tech and business media say that Japanese people are lacking in entrepreneurship. However, is it true? The newspaper of Gifu Prefecture placed interesting news. Gifu commercial and business high school established GIFUSHO Co., Ltd. Stockholders are all 1,200 students, they develop original products, and they sell these from now on.

A purpose of this is to let students experience corporate management by this company. Board members are graduates, parents and teachers, but students run the company and the CEO is picked from them. The capital is 100,000 yen(about 847USD) and graduates financed it. And all students invest by 2,000 yen(about 17USD) in this spring. 2,000 yen 1,200 = 2.4 million yen.

They plan the sale of the product which they developed jointly with food companies in the prefecture. The profit are allotted students, but they want to use them for training costs of classes and regional contribution. At first, they aim at the profit of 1 million yen. The scale may be small, but this is a big challenge.

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