Ring type mouse which can operate a PC only with a thumb

Sanwa Supply's new mouse is good to idle people. Because users can operate a PC only with a thumb while lying at full length if they use this. 400-MA077 is the ring type microminiature mouse which users can operate only with a thumb. Its center part has a sensor built-in, mouse operation is possible only at a finger-tip, and users can operate a PC even what kind of places. Because it is a wireless specification, it is convenient on the occasion of presentation also. It will be a big merit to be able to move both hands freely if you are business person doing the active presentation. Furthermore, users allocate functions for each button of the mouse by installing proprietary driver and can change the count of the cursor. This works by charge from USB not batteries. The size is 28mm x 36.7mm x 34.7mm, weight is about 9.6g, and the USB cable for the charge is 77cm. The price is 5,480 yen(in tax).

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