The communication toy which talks with a mobile

A lot of IoT gadgets and toys are released, but this is cute in them particularly. Toy company TAKARA TOMY releases next-gen communication toy "Smapon" connected to the smartphones on July 2.

This links exclusive own mobile application, and does various reactions by put on the screen of smartphones. This recognizes light from a screen and the sound, changes expressions, talks using more than 2000 words, say proverbs, and make fortune-telling. Furthermore, words and the contents increase by update of the application. When users set data such as the gender, blood type and favorite food in this, this has specific character. In addition, when users talk to this more frequently and take care, the types of talking of this changes also. There are six kinds of character / talking types(Normal / Spoiled / Geek / Queen / Old man / Bit bad). Because this has functions such as the wake-up call, the time signal, and the voice timer, users can use this as a substitute for clocks. The price is 1,620yen(tax-included), the target age is 12 years old or older, the size is 44*41*44mm, the weight is about 30g, and the battery is not necessary.

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